Saturday, September 10, 2016

August Adventuring: Our Summer Vacation

In early August, Jason and I packed up our trusty Subaru, and spent 9 days in pursuit of adventure in 3 National Parks (a bucket list trip for me!). We explored Jackson Hole, WY / Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, the sweet college town of Bozeman, MT, and Glacier National Park. It is difficult to put into words the beauty we found, so I will instead let these photos do the talking.

The hike to Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park
Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park
The majestic Tetons
Jenny Lake in the Tetons
The Tetons viewed from the top of Signal Mountain
The Prismatic Hot Springs in Yellowstone.
Wild bison in Yellowstone. 
Hiking Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone.
We stayed at a series of lodges, and ended up loving them all! If you are planning a similar trip, here are my recommendations.
  • Alpine House in Jackson Hole, WY (near entrance to Grand Teton National Park)
  • Bar 'N Ranch in West Yellowstone, WY (near Yellowstone National Park's West entrance)
  • Good Medicine Lodge in Whitefish, MT (near entrance to Glacier National Park)
Another trip highlight was the scenic Snake River float trip we did in Grand Teton National Park. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and the views along the river were nothing short of breathtaking. 

And seemingly overnight, fall has come to Colorado! While summer's end brings a twinge of sadness, the shortening and cooling of days feels cozy to me. The mornings and evenings have turned crisp and the pressure to be outside making optimal use of every minute of the day has ceded to permission: permission to curl up on the couch with an anticipated fall read, permission to stay in and watch movies on a Friday night, permission to sleep with the windows open and wake in the morning to birdsong and stillness.

In the next few months, I will celebrate my birthday and, with only one quarter left in the calendar year, focus on the goals and intentions I set for myself back in January. I also hope to spend more time writing, both here and in my journal, so look for more posts soon.