Sunday, July 5, 2015

Read // Watched // Listened To // Savored: June Edition

Hello and happy summer! I hope yours has been off to a good start, that you've been spending lots of time outdoors, that you've been making time for your goals–but also for a lot of relaxation.

June seemed to be over just as quickly as it began. I could hardly believe yesterday was already July 4th! Jason and I spent most of the day at my friend's cabin in Nederland, a little mountain town about 20 miles from Boulder. We sat on her back porch with our dogs, enjoyed stunning lake and mountain views, and cooked up a Middle Eastern-themed feast from this cookbook. It was lovely and lazy, the way a holiday should be.

Here's a little peek at what I read, watched, listened to, and savored this past month.


I was looking for a light summer read to kick off the season, so I started reading Laura Dave's Eight Hundred Grapes, a novel set against the backdrop of the protagonist's family vineyard. While the plot is a bit predictable (though not in an unpleasant way), I find myself particularly intrigued by the descriptions of biodynamic winemaking and the history of the Sonoma Valley which are interwoven throughout the book. After a few false starts, I'm about halfway through now and enjoying reading this on the patio in the evenings with the waning summer light and a glass of Pinot Noir for company.

I also started reading Laszlo Bock's Work Rules!, a compendium of sometimes counter-intuitive insights on attracting and retaining top talent from Google's head of People Operations. Blending data-driven findings with his inspiring vision for a better, more human work environment, the book reads like a manifesto for anyone who believes that work can be a positive and meaningful aspect of the human existence. Sample quote: “All it takes is a belief that people are fundamentally good—and enough courage to treat your people like owners instead of machines. Machines do their jobs; owners do whatever is needed to make their companies and teams successful."

I loved this reminder from Alexandra Franzen. I'm so totally guilty of deliberating over silly little decisions like this.

Watched & Listened
The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" // Leon Bridges' "Coming Home"// Hozier's "Work Song" // Halsey's "Hold Me Down" // Bon Iver's "I Can't Make You Love Me" // Lots of The Avett Brothers and Lake Street Dive (in anticipation of their upcoming show at Red Rocks this coming Friday!)

Podcasts, podcasts, and more podcasts. In current rotation are: ReWild Yourself! with Daniel Vitalis; Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey; Startup; and Criminal.

The start of Season 2 of True Detective. (I'm mostly reserving judgment for the time being.)


Morning coffee on the deck.

Sunrise at the Boulder Reservoir, watching some of my coworkers crush the (aptly named) Boulder Sunrise Triathlon.

A day trip to gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park to do a little wildlife-spotting (which, based on the nine moose, herd of big horn sheep, and countless elk we saw, was a smashing success).

An incredible dinner at OAK to celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary.

Planning our anniversary getaway to the Pacific Northwest (we're going to spend a week exploring Portland, Seattle, and the Columbia River Gorge and Hood River area). I had such fun choosing where to stay, and found the most adorable AirBnB rentals for Portland and Seattle and booked a room here for our stay in Hood River.

Searching for the perfect cucumber-themed cocktail. So far, I've enjoyed OAK's Monk's Garden (Basil and tarragon infused Grey Goose, Green Chartreuse, Cucumber, Lavender, and Lime) and Salt's Waterspark (Spring44 Honey Vodka, Cucumber, Carpano Bianco, Fresh Lime juice, Tonic). I've also been making 

Fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden: basil, parsley, chives, mint, kale, and cherry tomatoes. Grilling anything and everything. Recent favorites include: Fiona's Green Chicken, Cheddar Jalepeno Chicken Burgers, and Mint and Cumin-Spiced Lamb Chops. All the stone fruit I can get my hands on, sometimes prepared like this.

Lots of hikes and trail runs with some gentle vinyasa yoga to balance things out.

What did you read, watch, listen to, and savor this month?