Sunday, February 1, 2015

Read // Watched // Listened // Savored: January Edition

I do my best to appreciate each month, and strive to be present to its particular gifts. That said, I'm sort of over January. Or rather (since it's not actually January anymore) sort of glad it's over. It felt like a long month of short (albeit lengthening) days, simultaneously fast-moving and yet somehow never-ending.

Despite all that, it was a lovely month in many ways. I did set an intention or "theme" for the year, completed another Whole30 (this time, with my husband), and read, watched, listened to, and savored the following...

(By the way, in case anyone's wondering, these posts never contain any type of affiliate links.)

Over the past three months, I discovered and proceeded to read all of Frank Forencich's work. His take on "the human predicament" and the radical interconnectedness between human health and the environment that surrounds us is nothing short of brilliant. If you read just one of his books, make it this one.

On the fiction front, I started reading John Green's Looking for Alaska, but it's not totally holding my attention. I've got Graeme Simsion's The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect queued up next.

Recent studies have shown that writing about one's own personal experiences can lead to behavioral changes and greater happiness, as described in this article on Writing Your Way to Happiness. (I imagine journalers everywhere are blinking as though someone had announced the sky is blue.)

Speaking of writing, I loved these 25 Writing Hacks From A Hack Writer, many of which I think are applicable as general adulthood hacks. (Found thanks to Caiti via her latest Link Love post.)

I recognized myself in Shauna's post, Burn the Candles. For me, it's fancy soaps and bath products.

I can't wait for these: Elizabeth Gilbert's latest and Gretchen Rubin's latest.

Watched & Listened
Thomas Rhett's cover of "When I Was Your Man" // Kendrick Lamar's "i" // Sera Cahoone's "Deer Creek Canyon" // Yonder Mountain String Band live at Boulder Theater // The "Bluegrass Covers" station on Spotify

Prompted by Serial withdrawal, I started listening to the Criminal podcast. I like that the episodes are self-contained, and how the stories explore human nature through the lens of crime.

Also on the podcast front, I recently discovered Bulletproof Radio, a series in which Dave Asprey interviews today's top thinkers, writers, scientists, and scholars about human performance and how to "upgrade" your life using everything from flow states to systems thinking and much more. It's a bit aggressively "self-help-y" in tone at times, but the topics are usually fascinating and I find myself learning about things I wouldn't normally pay any attention to.

I love Vimeo because I always seem to randomly stumble across beautiful films like this one: Of Souls + Water, about a displaced surfer who finds solace in the rivers of the American West.

I'm planning to download Buddhify today on Susannah's recommendation. (Have you tried it? Thoughts?)

Several Forrest yoga classes. Running outdoors thanks to a week of unseasonably warm and sunny weather.

A long hike in Eldorado Canyon, with a 1,000-ft elevation gain and stunning views of the plains framed by the canyon mouth (photo above). Scrambling up still-icy trails in my YakTrax, I felt very connected to my intention to find #thewildwithin.

Simple weeknight meals of oven-roasted chicken thighs (seasoned with Allie's cumin salt) with arugula salad, sautéed ground lamb + mint + feta over mixed greens, and Paleo kale and sausage minestrone.

A few squares of super high-quality dark chocolate every day. My current favorites are Theo's dark chocolate coconut bar and anything made by Alter Eco.

This candle, picked up on a whim from Target. It's seriously the yummiest scent.

What did you read, watch, listen to, and savor this month?


  1. I read Looking for Alaska and was totally underwhelmed (but I'm normally turned off by manic pixie dream girl tropes, so I wasn't surprised I didn't care for it). As much as I enjoy John Green as a person, I have yet to find a book of his I truly enjoy.

    I loved your "sky is blue" comment on the NYT journaling article. I'd originally included that article in my links but cut it for that reason :)

    I always love the music you include in these posts!

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