Monday, September 1, 2014

Read // Watched // Listened // Savored: August Edition

It's so hard to believe it's Labor Day already, isn't it? I wrote in a recent post about feeling the need to hold onto summer this year, but in the past week, have felt myself relaxing into the change in season, shifting and softening with the transition, rather than resisting it.

August was a good month though, and I'm hesitant to bid it farewell. Here are some of the odds and ends I enjoyed these past few weeks.

I started reading Sarah Pekkanan's, The Opposite of Me, but found it just a tad too frothy for my taste. So instead, I picked up Meg Wolitzer's The Interestings, which I found wholly engrossing: the perfect summer read. I also read Emma Straub's The Vacationers, which sounded, in theory, like another great summer read, but which I found just okay.

Currently, I'm taking a break from my fiction kick to read Desert Solitaire, Edward Abbey's autobiographical account of the three summers he spent as a park ranger at Arches National Park in Utah the 1960's. My husband and I are headed to Moab for a weekend of camping and hiking at the end of this month, so it seemed the perfect time to get lost in Abbey's descriptions of southeastern Utah's overwhelming beauty.

Also in the world of non-fiction, I've been enjoying Liz Wolfe's Eat The Yolks, a highly informative, very well-researched, and unexpectedly funny dismantling of modern "health food" propaganda. She makes the case, instead, for a Paleo / Primal way of eating (which she mostly refers to as simply eating "real food") with quotes like this one: "The calories in natural, unprocessed, real foods are more than just calories. They’re full of more magic than a Disney Princess convention." I've also been enjoying reading the archives of Liz's blog, where she writes about food, natural skincare, and her adventures in homesteading.

"Forget balance. Balance is bullshit. What I mostly crave is integrity and joy — a sense that I’m doing what I do excellently and getting a lot of pleasure out of it, that I’m used up and useful" and more from The Spiritual Art of Saying No.

Watched & Listened
I'm enjoying Caiti's new endeavor, The Book Wanderer, a YouTube channel "devoted to all things literary and bookish." In other words, all things wonderful! You can read about Caiti's decision to launch her channel here (and if you haven't checked out her fantastic blog yet, you really should).

This TEDx talk on How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains and Krista Tippett interviewing Sean Corne on Yoga, Meditation in Action.

Kim Jordan, CEO and Co-Founder of New Belgium Brewing, talking about entrepreneurship and creating a values-driven culture at this Entrepreneurs Unplugged event. (I was fortunate enough to attend the live presentation.)

Riptide // Every Other Freckle // Octahate and Promises // Cherry Wine and From Eden

The last few weeks of summer exploring nearby Grand Lake and Brainard Lake.

Bulletproof coffee for the first time. I decided to give it a try after Kaileen mentioned it on her blog. The taste was slightly off-putting to me, but I did have an unusually high energy level throughout the day, so I may give it another go.

Simple meals that make use of summer's bounty and require no real recipe. Sweet corn, lightly charred on the grill, and tossed with basil and cherry tomatoes. Omelets with fresh zucchini or summer squash and a sprinkle of parmesan. Kale from our own garden tossed with toasted pecans, goat cheese, and dried cherries.

Writing, listening to music, and puttering around the house with the windows open to enjoy the hint of crisp fall air that's beginning to linger beyond the early morning hours.

What did you read, watch, listen to, and savor this month?


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my youtube channel! I'm having fun with it so far, so I'm glad other people are enjoying it too :)

    Loving all your links, as usual. Big thumbs up for the Alt-J track. I'm so excited for their new album this month.

  2. Yes, nice work again on The Book Wanderer! I look forward to following along.

    I've been loving your monthly round-up of links as well!