Saturday, April 26, 2014

Enough (Saturday)

Today, we said enough.

Enough unpacking. Enough fretting over furniture arrangements. Enough transferring utility services and solidifying the details of our sublease agreement.

The endless checklist of moving-related logistics would be there tomorrow. What wouldn't be? This particular Saturday, the sort of sublime blue-skied Boulder day that, while not a rarity here, seduces me senseless nonetheless. So my husband and I drank our coffee and made an intentional decision to set aside our stress for the day.

We said enough. And then we played.

An early morning walk to the farmers' market for armfuls full of locally produced bounty: three dozen delicately-hued eggs (we eat a lot of them in this household), sage-infused breakfast sausage, slabs of rich pork belly, a tangle of green garlic, a bushel of gem-like radishes, a spearmint plant, a potted Colorado Blue Columbine, and a white sage smudge stick (to burn as an energy-clearing ritual in our new space).

Breakfast of aforementioned eggs and sausage sautéed with green garlic.

A long run along South Boulder's Mesa Trail, which climbs a meandering mesa up toward Eldorado Canyon. Lungs filled with the scent of sun-baked pine. Unobstructed views for miles in every direction. Anne Lamott's description of awe as a "reverberating wowowowowow" echoing in my head with every step.

Back to the farmers' market for a lunch of pupusas made with organic white corn masa and chicken with vinegar-spiked cabbage slaw and guacamole.

An afternoon of moodling around the new house with the windows open to let in fresh air. Alternating between re-reading a favorite book and drifting in and out of a nap. A lazy walk through the neighborhood, during which we laughed hard at our dog's bird-obsessed antics and admired the nearby community garden.

Dinner cooked slowly. Pulled pork, kale sautéed with green garlic, radishes with lemon, sea salt, and a pat of butter.

A quiet evening at home, windows still open to enjoy the drama of a thunderstorm rolling in over the mountains.

It was not the productive Saturday I'd imagined. And thank goodness for that.


  1. Beautiful. I can't wait to come visit sometime soon.

    1. Thanks! Can't wait for you to come visit.

  2. Such a gorgeous post, Analiese! It's inspiring me to step away from the to do list (which will ALWAYS be there), and savor the moment. :)

    1. Thank you Sarah! Wishing you a Sunday of moments to savor. Enjoy! :)