Monday, March 31, 2014

Read // Listened // Watched // Savored: March Edition

March is a funny month, isn't it? It feels so very transitional, so in-between.

Here's a little peek at what I read, watched, listened to, and savored this month.


I finished reading Anne Lamott's Help, Thanks, Wow this month, and enjoyed her refreshingly honest and more-spiritual-than-religious take on matters of faith. “But grace can be the experience of a second wind," she writes. "...when even though what you want is clarity and resolution, what you get is stamina and poignancy and the strength to hang on.” 

I'm now onto Tiny Beautiful Things, and oh my goodness. I used to read Cheryl Strayed's Dear Sugar column on The Rumpus, and was always incredibly moved by her ability to relate so intimately to her advice-seekers, her uncanny ability to make the personal universal and the universal so very personal. I'd held off on purchasing the book, feeling as if I'd probably already read the best of her material in her previous columns, but there is something so powerful about absorbing it in book form. It reads like a deliciously relatable memoir, and I can't get enough.

Black Coffee and Bacon. Love this.

Watching & Listening

Hunger Games Soundtrack // Hanging On // Maps (Cover) // So This Is Goodbye // Pale Sun Rose

I was fortunate enough to see the phenomenally talented Lake Street Dive live at Denver's Bluebird Theater last weekend. For a sample, check out their covers of I Want You Back and Rich Girl, plus You Go Down SmoothBad Self-Portraits, and Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand.

True Detective. Did you watch it? I can't get the haunting Louisiana bayou imagery (not to mention Matthew McConaughey's stunning performance) out of my mind. I'm so curious about the next season already.

I found this interview with Bobby McFerrin to be a beautiful meditation on the intersection of divinity and creativity.

On the topic of podcasts, I'm enjoying working my way through Caiti's recent roundup of her favorites. 


Smoothies from Whole Foods. My favorite is a combination of almond milk, almond butter, dates, and bananas. It's the perfect post-run fuel.

A sushi date night at Sushi Zanmei. (With our upcoming move, we've reined in our dining habits a bit for economic reasons, so this felt like a real indulgence.) We had yellowtail with jalapeƱo and ponzu, seared scallop, fresh salmon, and a spicy crunchy tuna roll with avocado and watercress.

All the citrus I can get my hands on. Tangelos, tangerines, Cara Cara oranges, blood oranges, plus lemon and lime in everything.

Rosewood and nag champa incense.

Water flavored with fresh mint.

Longer days and warmer temps.

And finally, this quote from Rumi:

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.
You feel it, don't you?” 

What are you reading, watching, listening to, and savoring right now?


  1. I love your music picks! I hadn't heard many of those songs before and they're great. I actually downloaded a Lake Street Dive song just before seeing this post-- it was the Starbucks free song of the week last week.

    Have you ever listened to Dirtbag Diaries podcast? It's an outdoorsy podcast put out by Patagonia, and features the personal stories of people's adventures. The writing/storytelling and music selections are really good. It might be something you'd enjoy, if you haven't given it a listen already!

  2. Caiti, glad you like the music! I've been having lots of fun putting together playlists lately. Let me know what you think of Lake Street Dive.

    I have not listened to Dirtbag Diaries, but from your description I am looking forward to giving it a try! Going to download it right now in fact...thanks for the recommendation!