Saturday, February 1, 2014

Read // Watched // Listened // Savored: January Edition

Here's a little peek at what I read, watched, listened to, and savored this month.


As I mentioned earlier this week, I just finished The Goldfinch. Have you ever read a book that sorta ruined you on literature for awhile because nothing else seems as compelling? I had that experience with The Goldfinch, so naturally I dove into another Donna Tartt book, The Secret History, in an attempt to recapture the experience. It's an interesting and well-written story, but isn't captivating me in the same way. I'll withhold judgment until I've finished it.

I adored Eleanor & Park, and have been dipping into Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl between chapters of The Secret History. (Yes, I read multiple books at a time.)

I was inspired by this blog post on how to use fear to empower your choices. Kate's words are always filled with such welcome wisdom.

I loved this post from Danielle on the joys of marriage. I sent a link to my husband immediately after reading it because it reminded me so much of our own relationship.

You Have To Do The Hard Things. I found so much truth in this simple list.

On Letting Go made me think of all the things I've released from my grip in the past decade, all the coulda, woulda, shouldas - and how much lighter I feel as a result.

Watching & Listening
I watched The Spectacular Now a couple weeks ago and adored it. The movie got so much right about high school - the confusion, the awkwardness - and did so with remarkable empathy for the young protagonists as they try to cope with some really shitty circumstances. The story is sweet yet riveting, and Shailene Woodley knocked it out of the park as Aimee. Make sure you have tissues handy.

I'm a little obsessed with this Nashville Cast cover of The Lumineers' "Hey Ho."

This song might have the most addictive chorus ever, and the video cracks me up. It's such a clever reversal of the stereotypical stoic man / emotional woman gender roles.

I watched 12 O'Clock Boys, and find myself haunted by its strangely beautiful dirt bike imagery and the painful clarity with which its subjects are trying desperately to subvert their oppressed circumstances. The documentary's young narrator will stay with you.

This. So much yes.

Morning coffee with this delicious toasted coconut almond milk. #perfection

Wildflower honey and orange coconut pudding. (Recipe coming!)

Afternoons writing at one of my favorite coffee spots, which shares space with an adjoining cheese & charcuterie shop. I sipped a "cowboy style" coffee and nibbled on the sampler plate (pictured above).

A weekend with nothing on the agenda except tomorrow's Superbowl party. Tomorrow may be for football, but today is for reading, blogging, listening to podcasts, moodling around the apartment, and preparing a leisurely meal (shrimp with roasted red pepper sauce over almond flour linguine).

What are you reading, watching, listening to, and savoring right now?


  1. I am SO HAPPY that you are blogging again. You have such a beautiful way with words, Analiese! And I love your week meal plan posts - my only resolution that I made at the beginning of this year is to start taking 45 minutes every Sunday to create a meal plan for the week and then do my shopping. Some weeks I do it some I don't...but your posts are inspiring me to stick with it!

  2. Thanks Ashley! The meal planning can be tough to stick with, but it's worth it. Let me know how it goes!