Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How To Have A Good Morning

Wake up early, even though it hurts. Consider journaling in your goldenrod yellow Moleskine, and feel vaguely bored by the words you already know you'll write. Decide to run instead.

Pull on your tennis shoes and cue up some hip-hop on your iPod. Blink your way into the fluorescent light of the gym. Run a mile on the treadmill. Then another. Then another. Lift your eyes to the creamsicle-striped sunrise on your walk home and feel reassured.

Do not, under any circumstances, check your email before your first cup of coffee.

Speaking of coffee, pour yourself a cup. Dark roast with coconut almond milk in your favorite ceramic mug. The mug is important here.

Drink your coffee in the shower for novelty's sake. Sing a little Johnny Cash while you shampoo, and the chorus of "Hallelujah." Use your face wash as a microphone. Stand under the hot water a little longer than necessary, or maybe a lot.

Meet your eyes in the mirror as you towel off. Use the good lotion, just because. You might need more coffee at this point.

Cook your eggs over easy. Something about the hue of the yolk will remind you that you neglected to journal this morning. Forgive yourself and move on.

Eggs over greens; appreciate the ritual. Take your multi-vitamin and definitely your Vitamin D.

Do not check your email during breakfast. Consider checking Facebook instead. Decide against it. Eat without distraction if you can bear it. Listen to music if you must.

As you drive to work, allow yourself to imagine that you see signs of spring around you. (You don't really, but you needn't tell yourself that.) Smile at the yellow lab pulling its owner down the street. Wave to the crossing guard.

Pay attention to the quality of the light. Don't numb out.

The chords of a song on the radio might move you to tears.

Let them. This means you are alive.

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